We are located at:

6936 Wisconsin Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20824

We are just a short drive from the following Montgomery County communities: Bethesda, North Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kenwood, Woodburn, Chevy Chase Village, Martin's Additions, Huntington Terrace, Alta Vista, Ashburton, Ashleigh, Wildwood Hills, Burning Tree Estates, West Lake, Carderock Springs, Bannockburn, Westgate, Somerset, Friendship Heights, American University Park, Tenleytown, Spring Valley, Chevy Chase View, Walter Reed, and National Institutes of Health.



1. Don’t forget to sign in at the front desk.

2. Prior to training at Ascend you will be required to fill out a waiver. Minors should be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


3. Please be aware that there is a mat fee of $30 per day for visiting BJJ practitioners from other academies to train at Ascend (mat fee not applicable for prospective students). Or $15 for Open Mat. Please contact us if you will be in town for more than one day to ask about weekly/monthly mat fees.

4. Only White Gi's with no other School/Affiliation patches may be worn for training. Colored belts may wear colored Gi's with their professor's permission. Rental Gi's are available for a nominal fee.


Contact Us:

Email us at info@AscendBethesda.com or give us a call at 240.630.8761. We look forward to hearing  from you!